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Client Testimonials

We owe our Bailey's life to Joy and her fantastic service; for her initial help when we were at our wits end and Bailey was scheduled for a premature end, to her continuing respite support which allows us to keep him at home. Bailey is a happier, healthier and (relatively! 😃) more settled dog because of what she has taught us.

Can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done with Digby and the support you’ve offered us to get him adopted.
Thank you! Happy new life Digby xx

A unique service, and one so badly needed by the many dogs and owners she supports 💚

I searched high and low for help for our dog - tried all the husky rescues to no avail- but Joy was there for me when most needed. There is simply no other place in the country that has the knowledge and courage to do this work.

I will forever be grateful for Charlie, Ginger, Elsie, Sunny, Roy and especially Poppsi. The difference Joy and her team have made to these gorgeous dogs is amazing. The best thing I ever did for my rescue.

Joy and her team work wonders with animals and get the most of them a second chance of a normal happy life ...keep up the good work and thank you for helping Boycie.

Top class, wouldn’t hesitate to use the rehab services!

They are an amazing team and I totally recommend them, my dog is with them at the moment and he is doing so well, I can’t thank them enough.

Would highly recommend them if you have a dog that needs help. They are always helpful and easy to communicate with.

Tirelessly dedicated to rehabilitating dogs with expertise and kindness. This is the place that rescues turn to for support.

Thank you Joy. Keep up the great work!So over the moon to have our boy back and all in a much better place now thanks to his time away in rehab.

Thank you, especially to Joy in helping us find a way to keep Ted and for giving us all a new start.

Joy, we can't thank you enough for all your work, helping her to get to the dog she is!

You take on very difficult dogs that no one else would touch or want to have near them, you have given so many dogs that second or third chance in life. Wonderful.

I messaged for advice after feeling lost and hopeless at 18:52 and by 19:13 I had a message saying they would call later that evening. Joy called and talked me through pros and cons of the treatment I was being offered and her honest opinion without judgment and told me to talk it through with our vet. This gave me the confidence to speak to my vet and go with a different course of action that my vet agreed was for the best. All I can say, if you are feeling like you have nowhere to turn with your dog’s behaviour then turn to CBRC.

Good luck with the new Centre. We know that lots of other dogs & their owners will benefit from all your amazing work & support. It was life changing for our boy.

Best thing we've done for Milo.

Joy you are an amazing dedicated person and you do miracles with incredibly damaged dogs.