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We offer heavily reduced rates for rescues so that they can gain help for dogs in their care that can’t be moved forward into homes. Ringo was one of these special lads, he came into us from his rescue pretty much semi-feral and by that we mean he had intense human fear and was unleadable. He is a Romanian and had been really struggling in the home with strangers, domestic life etc and was unable to be led without fear and so our long, gentle, healing and trust process began.

Below are a few of Ringo’s rehab diary extracts from his time with us and some updates from his new family once he was home:


Ringo has joined us for general fear reactivity and is settling in quietly as he slowly gets to know us and feel safe.


(diary by Jade) Today I said hello to Ringo for the first time since he’s been here, and he is a really sweet boy! He was very happy to see me and instantly came in for a fuss! Ringo mostly likes to watch the world go by and seems really chilled out. He is not reactive towards anyone here when they walk past and not so much the dogs either. He does react sometimes but it’s nothing too major. Ringo is a sweet lad and for now he just likes to go out and play to watch the day go by! Good boy Ringo!!


(Diary by Charlie) When I got Ringo out his den, he was hesitant to come forward but once the lead was round his neck, he felt much more comfortable and reassured being attached to a person. He walks very well and never tries to get ahead of his handler, when out in the field his head was down a lot and he seemed very wary because the wind was very strong which was affecting his sense of hearing making him less confident. We didn’t spend as much time in the field as we usually do and headed back for shelter, Ringo passed other dogs very well with no reaction at all. His world is opening slowly as he gains confidence and overcomes his fears whether that be human wariness or environmental triggers.


(Diary by Charlie) Ringo is gaining confidence in me as a handler and is more accepting of me putting the lead on him. When walking past loud reactive dogs, Ringo glues himself to your leg and follows you closely. When away from the rehab area, which can be overwhelming for him, Ringo can focus more on using his senses, and building relationships with his handler. He prefers a quieter area where his senses are not overwhelmed and being safe with his handler which he has learnt so well here. His general fear levels are much lower as he gains confidence.


(Diary by Charlie) Ringo is so much more confident nowadays and comes to the gate to put his head through the lead when a handler comes to his play area. We went around the rehab area and greeted different dogs, all of which, Ringo was happy to meet. He sometimes leaves my side to go and investigate them himself. He is multi handler here now, braver, and less fearful embracing his journey with us.


Ringo is becoming a lot more confident in himself and will get quite excited when you approach him with the lead. He isn’t a very cuddly dog and normally shies away from hands but he’s coming more out of his shell with every interaction. He walks right by your side and is a very well-behaved boy, not reacting aggressively to any person or dog. He is multi handler. Well done, Ringo.


Ringo is starting to become more confident with every day that passes and happily plays out next to multiple dogs of varying sizes. He is such a sweet boy and walks very well on lead, mostly sticking by my side, only venturing off a little for a sniff. Recently he has shown a little reaction to staff he’s unfamiliar with, howling at them from his den but isn’t reactive at all when he’s out on lead or in a play area. Well done, Ringo.


Diary by Charlie. Ringo is now spending his nights in a new kennel and is getting on well with his dog neighbours just outside of his run. Ringo and I went on a walk to the field passing two reactive dogs on the way. Ringo touched noses with them calmly but after they had become quite vocal, he caught up with me quickly and wanted to walk away from them. We met up with a couple other dogs on the walk and although he was in no rush to approach either dog initially, he did not avoid them either.


Charlie has been helping Ringo with human contact via grooming which he loved, Ringo happily took in the goings on of the sanctuary on a walk when they took a grooming break. Huge steps for this once very nervous lad.


Ringo is relatively easily pleased. He likes to walk but prefers his solitude so to have him meet three other dogs in one walk so calm and collected was lovely to see. He didn't seem to care about the others, just happy walking along slightly hiding behind me and being mindful of his space. Well done, Ringo!


Ringo went on a paired walk with T who's a bit boisterous in comparison to Ringo, but he didn't mind it at all! He was very interested in T but when she started bouncing, he kept his distance. Ringo loved seeing all the farm animals! Especially the chickens.


Ringo went on a walk with T today, they already are quite fond of each other, even managed to touch noses and managed to walk very calmly within a 1m distance. Ringo was cuddly and extremely adamant on his walk, wanting to carry on walking when we tried to stop. Great walk.

It took time for Ringo to trust and let himself be a dog without fear again, and then he had to wait patiently with us for a family of his own to come along. But eventually his special people found him, and Ringo left us in May 2022 for his very own sofa through his rescue. He has a wonderful home with a loving, patient family who absolutely adore him.

A couple of updates from Ringo’s family:

Ringo visited a secure paddock today. First time off the lead outside the garden . He did great. Richard asked him to come he did straight away (for a treat). So, I gave it a go. We are both super amazed and pleased with how good he did.
Just thought I'd send a little update on Ringo. As you can see, he's thriving and loving life.