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The Canine Behaviour Rehabilitation Centre

CBRC- Joy Keys

Joy - My name is Joy Keys and I have a strong connection with the more, shall we say challenging dogs and have done all my life. I set up a sanctuary in 2011 for dogs with issues primarily because I wanted to help the dogs who stood very little chance of being re-homed because of their issues, age and or disabilities. I have worked with some of the worst cases and my sanctuary dogs are a melting pot of so many severe behaviours, but we have worked with them all and those that could not be re-homed for a variety of reasons now live contently and safely whilst having their boundaries respected.

Canine Behaviour Rehabilitation Centre - CBRC is usually the last port of call and hope for the dogs that come to us. When everything else has been tried we are a lifeline that can help with so many issues including the usual everyday ones through to multi-level deep rooted behaviours. My experience of such dogs is built on the foundation of 150 UK/European aggressive/reactive dogs I have had at my Sanctuary and the many rehabilitation clients that passed through the sanctuary doors over the course of many years. I have extensive knowledge of working with some of the most traumatised, affected and behaviourally disturbed dogs one can find, and I am able to assist and help in the understanding, assessing and rehabilitation process of your dog whatever the background breed or size.


We operate out of licenced boarding kennels in the heart of the countryside. We don’t use any tools or punishments. My force free rehabilitation methods were already second nature and built into daily life at my sanctuary with our own dogs, so it was natural to extend my hand to others. We work at the dog’s pace, and with no expectation or pressure the rehab dogs begin to feel safe and secure and re-establish human contact in order to move forward in a place of total safety. During your dog’s stay with us we post weekly diaries with photos so you are with us each step of the journey, can keep in touch with the work we are doing and gain some insight into how they are progressing and evolving. Not only do we work with the dog, but we also work with and support YOU, the owners/rescues/fosters/adopters ensuring that the dog’s transit back into their domestic environment as smoothly and gently as possible with their humans taking on board new skills/methods and understanding of how to live safely and happily together. And we are with you and your dog on your forward journey for as long as you need us, simply picking up the phone enables us to support you both.


• General behavioural issues
• Fear and phobias covering re-activeness of all levels to humans/animals/ inter dog and environment.
• Stress and anxiety
• Guarding issues of people, space, objects, and possessions
• Aggression* Separation anxiety
• Deep rooted trauma
• General environmental fears e.g., of noise, objects, domestic life
• Abuse and severe trauma due to cruelty/neglect
• General commands and basic training/lead training and on lead manners.

Post Procedure Rehabilitation

Our rehab experience over the years also means we can help with physical rehabilitation for reactive dogs (under vet guidance) where owners may struggle with post procedure rehabilitation due to touch reactivity or general reactivity. For instance, dogs that are unable to attend hydrotherapy clinics due to behavioural issues and can’t follow a physical exercise programme or dogs needing walking rehabilitation and regeneration of muscles and body movement.


We can also offer holiday cover/ respite boarding for your dog. Coming back to us after rehab is a home from home for them as they know us and the kennels, so they easily transition and a top up on skills is of course included!

Having a dog with issues can be confusing, frustrating, heartbreaking, and frightening, we can help you get to the root cause and help you to understand and move forward. A call to us can be the first step towards a better life for you, your family, AND your dog.

*Please note: We are considered 'Balanced' rather than 'Force Free' because we use slipleads. We use slip leads because we help dogs with very severe issues and the majority of those are high level bite risk, escape risks or are touch reactive.

Force Free Rehabilitation: No tools, no punishments. Just understanding, empathy, kind hands, big hearts, time and patience.